• Ladies...Are You Tired of analyzing? Need help finding answers?

    If you want more peace, clarity, and direction to the answers you seek, without having to leave the comfort of your home, and at the same time feel safe, supported, accepted, and encouraged, then I believe you will find 30 minutes of FREE life coaching refreshing, and powerful.

    I am offering you a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with me. Why? Because everyone can benefit from sharing their thoughts, concerns, and ideas with a professional. It gives us an opportunity to see things differently; more clearly, enabling us to make decisions confidently and with more peace.

    Life Coaching is for those that want something more or something greater in any area of their life, whether in their relationships, career, health, finance, Spirituality or self-perception.

    As a coach, I am here to help you navigate through life's changes and challenges, quickly, with more ease and enjoyment.

    So...you might be wondering what makes coaching with Nancy so great?

    Meeting with me is like having coffee or a drink with a friend, you are safe, accepted, and valued. I have your best interest in mind and can offer what you uniquely need to move forward. I'm here to help you find what is best for you and together we discover the answers you already have within but are unable to find on your own.

    Regardless of where you are on your life's path, I can help you experience your heart's desires and enjoy your journey at the same time.

    With our time together, you will get:

    • one to one, undivided attention, focused on you
    • access to awareness exercises and practical tools
    • a confidential, customized plan of action
    • the direction and motivation you need

    Let me ask you...

    • Would you like to save time, energy, and eliminate the frustrations of problem solving on your own?
    • Would it help you to know how to handle challenges and distractions quickly?
    • What would it mean to you if you could feel balanced and peaceful at the end of the day, knowing you prioritized well and accomplished all you really needed to?
    • Would it help you to know how to tackle overwhelming projects?
    • How differently would your life be if you could experience harmony in your relationships, while feeling accepted and valued?
    • Would you have more peace if you knew how to stay positive and accept challenging people and situations?
    • What would you do differently if you knew the truth of who you are; that you are beautiful, talented, equipped, supported and created for a purpose?

    I am here to tell you...YOU CAN AND YOU DESERVE TO EXPERIENCE A GREAT LIFE! And I am committed to helping you!


  • Whenever I am struggling with something and can’t find a clear path on my own, I schedule a chat with Nancy. I call her “my secret weapon” and trusted Life coach. In just 30 minutes we work through it and I hang up feeling refreshed, unburdened and filled with amazing energy. It is a spiritual tune up that is indescribable. T.
  • I really enjoy 30 minute sessions with Nancy.  She has an amazing ability to zero in on my concerns at the moment and provide me tools, prayers, and ideas I can utilize.  I can always find 30 minutes especially knowing how great I feel afterwards. Nancy is so easy to talk and has so much to offer. Her goal is to provide you tools to also implement on your own.  Monica
  • Let's Get Started!

    When you click the purple "Sign up" button below, you'll be asked for your contact information. You will then receive an email explaining an opportunity to complete an online questionnaire. The questionnaire is not a requirement to receive free coaching, but your answers will help me understand how I can serve you best as well as save us precious time during our session. If you decide to complete the online questionnaire, once you hit submit, you will be instructed on how to schedule your free session.

    Many of my clients have also expressed how valuable this questionnaire was to them. They were able to find clarity and gain a new perspective on specific concerns.

    Don't underestimate the power of this free session. Your life can have a positive shift within 30 minutes. Please don't pass up this opportunity to be heard!