• What Matters Most – What to Investwhat matters

    If you asked someone what matters most to them, what do you think they would say?

    Common responses to this question may include family, health, happiness, and some may say their career or income rank high on their list.

    I came across a study that reported, interestingly, most developed nations, including USA, Canada, Western and Central European as well as Nordic countries tend to value life satisfaction and health most.  No surprise, right?

    Well, regardless of what is most important to you, I shared in my article, How to Get What You Want“If you really hope to get what you want in life, the things that really matter, there is only one way to get them. You will need to invest in them, you will need to do your part to make these things happen. It doesn’t matter if you want to build your retirement portfolio, a business, a relationship, or a healthy body, you are going to need to make an investment.”

    So when it comes to investing in what matters most, how do we know what to invest? Let’s first consider what resources we have. This may include time, money, and/or material things.

    It’s a great blessing to be able to give money or material things, but when we think about it, I believe everyone would agree, that the greatest and most precious resource we have to invest is time.

    It is also the greatest sacrifice we can give because money and material things come and go, but once our time is gone, it’s gone.

    The giving of your time is the most important and the most valuable investment, because when you give your time, what you are really giving is yourself.

    Even though this is a great sacrifice, keep in mind, if we are not willing to invest time in what matters most, we cannot expect to experience the kind of life we desire.

    You may already be investing time into what matters most to you. If you wonder if you are investing wisely, here are two ways you can find out.

    1. I encourage you to find some quiet time to reflect and then make a list of what matters most. You can refer to my article What Matters Most-How to be Reminded if you need inspiration or if you wish to discover why this is so important.
    2. Make a list of ways you can invest in what matters most to you. To keep this from being an overwhelming task, consider focusing on one thing that matters most. To help you get started, I shared my list below.

    Considering what matters most to me, I first asked myself, “What is my part in experiencing these things? What do I need to invest?” Below are my answers as well as my list of what matters most.

    Faith: Honoring/Trusting/Obeying God: Time with God; learning, listening, growing.

    Health: Being/Living Healthy: Time to plan and prepare healthy meals, be active, rest, and rejuvenate.

    Relationships: Being a Great Wife-Daughter-Sister-Friend: Time to spend together, developing relationships.

    Living with Passion & Purpose: Time to grow my business; share my gifts, tools, and teachings.

    Having Integrity-Good Character-A Pure Heart: Time for personal development.

    Being Happy-Peaceful-Enjoying Life: Making time for fun and things that make me happy.

    You are probably thinking that there is no way you have any extra time to invest. Let me encourage you in my next article where I will give you tips on How to Invest. Stay tuned…

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