• What Matters Most-How to be Reminded what matters most

    What matters most to you? Do you know? Have you ever paused to truly reflect on this question?

    What matters most to us may not always be at the forefront of our minds and it’s no surprise. We go about our day to day activities, playing multiple roles and sometimes we are simply focusing on getting through the day.

    What matters most are the things that are important to us. They are what get us out of bed in the morning, what we fight for and believe in.

    If we don’t pay attention, even when we know what is important, we can become distracted. And sadly, there are so many distractions in life; our jobs, schedules, material things, technology, excessive commitments, sometimes even our relationships.

    Distractions can take control by stealing our focus and knocking us off balance. This can lead to trouble in every area of our life, especially our health and happiness.

    But every once in a while something can cause us to stop and question what really matters and what is most important in this life. There are a number of things that can shift our perspective or serve as a reminder; sometimes we see a movie, hear a song or message, or we may witness or experience a tragedy.

    Recently I heard Toby Keith’s song, My List, and I was quickly reminded that there are more important things in my life than what I had on my list of things to do that day. It was a needed reminder. As my friends and family know, it is not unusual for me to work more than play or give work precedence over my relationships.

    That day not only was I reminded, I also made a decision to make a list of what is most important so that I can be continually reminded. This list serves as a practical yet powerful tool for me to prioritize better and keep my balance. This leads to a healthier and much happier me. And of course, it’s never just about us, those around us are affected as well.

    It’s easy to lose our focus with the distractions life can bring. I encourage you to invest some quiet time to reflect and then make your own list of what matters most.

    Keep in mind, when we are clear about what is important, it is easier to prioritize and make decisions.

    If this resonates with you but you struggle prioritizing or balancing your life/schedule, consider a free consultation to discuss a variety of options and resources that can help.

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