• Plan Your Holiday-Action Required!With the holidays here you may already have a list of things to do and gifts to buy. You may be wondering how you will accomplish everything, how much things will cost, and how you will deal with Aunt Betty at Christmas dinner. Before it is too late I encourage you to make a list of what you do want. And keep in mind that no matter what it is in life you want, you must move toward it to experience it. This is called action. We hear the statement, “Good things come to those who wait.” While I agree with this to a degree, I still believe if we wait on the couch for Mr. Right to walk in the door we may be waiting a long time. We need to do our part to experience what we desire.  

    In my article Dreading the Holidays? What you need to do now to get what you really want!  I shared a list of 4 things you can do to experience what you want this holiday season. Here is the list:  

    1. Write down what you want to experience.
    2. Think about what you can do to move toward it.
    3. Keep your focus on what you want.
    4. Let each decision you make move you closer to what you want, not further from it.

      In the article I also expressed my decision to enjoy the holidays before they arrive. Today I am sharing with you my list with the action steps I am taking to experience what I desire. This is just an example of what you can do with your list if you wish.   What I want this year:  

    1. Enjoy the magic of the season and keep the Christmas Spirit within me.

    For me, this means not being too busy, allowing more play time, taking more weekends off to do what I love and be with those I love. Therefore, I write in my calendar the events with family first and mark off time for other activities I am open to do. To ignite my Christmas Spirit, I tune in to the Hallmark channel late in November. They feature “feel good” movies with messages of love, peace, forgiveness, and new beginnings. A few good movies to start then adding some Christmas music, decorating the tree, and an annual trip my husband and I take to Galena, Illinois in early December and I am oozing with Christmas Spirit.  

    1. Peace within my family.

    Based on my clients’ and my own life, it is safe for me to say that many of us experience strife from time to time within our families. I am choosing to remain peaceful during this holiday season and after. I have made a decision to enjoy time with my family and focus on their gifts, not their shortcomings. Any negativity, I have decided in advance, will bounce off of me like a rubber ball to pavement. I may celebrate with a glass of wine as well.   If you struggle with this and would like to read more about how to deal with challenging people, I encourage you to check out my article [When People Attack] Dealing With Challenging Behaviors – Why Are Some People So Challenging?  

    1. Stay balanced.

    This involves taking my M.E.D.S. Meditation (quiet prayer time), Exercise (many forms of activity), Diet (eating healthy 80% of the time), and Sleep (sleep means sleep!). These are all very important for me on a daily basis. I may not always achieve them but I do what I can to make them priority. On a weekly basis I am sure to schedule these things. This means blocking off time in my calendar and scheduling around them.  

    1. Maintain a healthy weight.

    To maintain a healthy weight I will make wise decisions with what I consume. Oh believe me, I will eat and enjoy my food. I love my sweets and will be sure to add a few to my plate. I will practice moderation and spacing out my indulgences.  

    1. Stay within a sensible budget.

    I do love to give and bless others; however, it is wise for me to stay within a sensible budget. I will know in beforehand what I have to invest in gift giving. I will then make a list of gift recipients and decide how much to allow for each. I may use cash for these purchases to be sure to keep within the budget. My friends and I already have an understanding about gift giving. We choose to share a cup of coffee or glass of wine together and enjoy each other’s company.   These are just examples of how you can take action and be prepared in advance.  

    Napoleon Hill says, “Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.”


    We have what it takes to experience great things in life. Each one of us has the ability because we all have the same thing…a mind to make a decision. That is where it starts; with one decision. You may not have all the resources you think you need, but if you can just decide what it is you want and then do what you can by taking your first steps, great things are possible and you are more likely to experience what you desire.  

    Next week I will share with you tips on how to keep your focus and how to make decisions that move you even closer to what you want.  

    It is my desire to empower you with tools and practical tips you can use. If you find this helpful, please encourage someone else by sharing it!    

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