• Personal Growth – Doing This One Simple Act Can Keep You Positive and Help You Achieve Your Goals

    Often times when we set a goal we focus so much on moving forward to reach it that we neglect to see how far we have come. Now, we can still reach our goals but if we only focus on the end result it may take longer and may not be as enjoyable. I believe we can accomplish our dreams, goals, and desires, while loving ourselves, our life and our journey.

    At some point during our quest most of us will face challenges and disappointments. It is inevitable.  During these times it may be easy to feel frustrated and impatient. Our thoughts can become negative and if neglected, develop into distractions. If we consistently give in to the negative thoughts and voices in our head, we may lose complete site of our dreams and desires.

    Sadly, this is the story of many lost and forgotten dreams. Ah but this does not have to be the end of your dreams and desires. I am so grateful to have discovered a powerful, yet practical tool that allows me to enjoy my journey while moving toward my dreams and desires. It has allowed me to accept where I am; knowing I am moving forward and it is easy to view any challenge as a stepping stone and lesson learned.

    What is it? It is the simple act of writing down my successes. That is it. Writing down everything that helps me move closer to my goals has created an amazing shift in my life. Why, because success is the best motivator. And when we focus on our successes as well as our goals, we are able to stay more positive and hopeful. We can see how we are moving forward and even when challenges arise we can feel confident that we will find a lesson as well as a new stepping stone to where we are going.

    It is much easier to keep our thoughts and perspectives healthy as well. You may think that just having your successes in your mind is enough but believe me when I say days later, when its gloomy outside and things don’t feel like they’re going your way, you won’t easily remember a few days before when you had a huge success.

    Anytime we are moving forward we will run into negative people and circumstances that could shake us. Be prepared! Writing down every little success is not a waste of time but an investment. So…write down your successes today!