• Morals and Values: How Will You Live?

    How Will You Live?

    Do you remember the saying “A man’s good handshake is all you need”? This was referring to the belief that you did not need a contract to do business; where you could trust your fellow man to hold himself to his word and you did not second guess his motives. Yes, this refers to women too. I remember that saying. I also remember the family gathering for dinner every Sunday, not locking our doors at night, riding my bicycle on back country roads without an adult, safely giving a hitch hiker a ride. Thanks to a few scary movies, I am not sure I will do that anymore. Unfortunately this decision is not just based on the events captured in a scary movie.

    Values, morals, integrity, trust, honesty, good character, and not just knowing the difference between right and wrong, but doing what is right; these things used to be more of a priority in people’s lives.

    Do these things still exist? Have our priorities changed? Do people still believe in a good handshake or has it become more important to look out for ourselves and “make a buck” despite how we earn it? My Mom and my teachers used to call me a dreamer. I prefer “optimist” because I do still believe in these things. I believe people want to be good and do good things. There is so much good in the world despite the strife in our homes, businesses, government, and nation. I see the love in people that join together after a tornado destroys their community, the support received when someone is diagnosed with cancer, the actions taken to dig wells with clean drinking water for 3rd world countries and in the hearts of a family that prays together. Good does exist! And so do good people. Will we ever get back to the days where a handshake is all we need? Perhaps not but we can all do something to make our world a better place as well as our homes, workplaces, and communities. It does not have to be an overwhelming project or a huge commitment of your time. So where can we start? With all things big and small, we just need to take a step in the right direction. Each step starts with a decision. That’s it; a decision.

    How will you live today?

    How will you choose to treat another? How will you respond to negativity and imperfect people? What attitude will you decide to have? Will you complain today or choose gratitude? Will you think before you speak? Will you choose words to support and lift another? What will your priorities be today? Will you donate to someone in need? Will you honor yourself, your family, your God? 

    How will you live today? What choices will you make to shine your light and restore more good to the world?

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