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    I’m excited to announce that The DREAM Experience can now be hosted at your home, organization, or favorite venue! Since launching the DREAM Experience, I’ve been invited to speak at various women’s groups and private in-home gatherings. This got me thinking about creating a Hostess opportunity for women interested in customizing The DREAM Experience for their specific group’s needs in a private setting.

    Here are some answers to some important questions you might have…

    Who is The DREAM Experience for? This is for any woman that wants something more or better in their… Relationships • Health • Career • Finances • Emotional or Spiritual Life

    What happens at The DREAM Experience? Nancy walks women through her 5 Step Process to living a more empowered life. She promotes a safe, relaxing, yet fun, atmosphere where women have the opportunity to learn how to take more control of their lives and at the same time love themselves and enjoy their journey.

    What are the benefits of attending The DREAM Experience? Women learn how to effectively manage challenge and change, define or discover what they want, address any blockages, love and accept themselves, apply practical principles to help them experience peace, passion, purpose, and power, and also how to stay motivated on the path that leads to their dreams and desires.

    What are the benefits of hosting The DREAM Experience? When you partner with Nancy you too are empowering women.  Not only will you be impacting lives, you will also receive a special gift plus commission on ticket sales.

    Interested? Have more Questions?

    Click here to notify me of your interest. I will then contact you and we can discuss the details and address any questions you may have.

    You can also download The DREAM Experience Hosting Opportunity flyer below.


    The DREAM Experience Flyer

    This is a “Pay it Forward” opportunity!

    Empower yourself and the women in your life today!