• Getting What You Want Part 2 – What Can You Do?

    Getting What You Want

    It is natural to experience a desire for something more or something better in our life. The thought of financial freedom, a profitable career doing what we love, traveling the world, having stronger self-confidence, or a leaner body, is exciting! Desires can motivate and give us hope.  But getting what we want may not come quickly or easily and we may at times find ourselves feeling defeated and discouraged.

    What happens? We may have a clear vision of what we desire to have, to be, and experience but then comes the part of figuring out how to make them happen. We may have a ton of ideas but wondering where to start can be overwhelming, so overwhelming in fact that we may not get past this point.

    It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed at times when you look at your dreams and desires. It is my hope that you do not give up.

    If your dreams and desires come from your heart, I believe they are meant to be experienced.

    If you are interested in a few simple ways to get started, perhaps the next steps below will help.

    Before we get started with your next steps, I need to share with you an important principle when it comes to getting what you want in life and it is this, no matter what you want, there will be some sort of investment on your part.

    Okay, you may want to click off the article right now but let me remind you that to get started, this does not have to be difficult or overwhelming. It may even be fun. An investment can be as simple as learning something new as I will show you below.

    Here are some next steps to getting what you want…

    To experience your wants and desires it is critical to first define them and follow up with evaluating and executing your next steps. I encourage you to focus on one life category at a time.

    Keep in mind there are additional ways to experience your wants and desires. This article only focuses on what YOU can do. As you invest in your desire, additional resources and opportunities present themselves to help you.

    The questions below will help you clarify your next steps.

    1. Choose a life category you want to change or improve: health, finances, career, self-perception, spirituality, relationships, etc. Define your wants/desires in this category.
    2. What would help you to know or learn so you can experience what you want/desire?
    3. Based on your answer to #2, how can you grow or improve your skills in this area?
    4. Choose an action item from your list in #3 and follow through.

    Here are some examples based on the questions above…

    1. I want to be healthier and have more energy.
    2. It would help me to understand the contributing factors to being healthy and having more energy.
    3. I can go to www.Google.com and research how to be healthy and have more energy. (Typing a question will give you the best search results.) I can write down or print the results.
    4. I can then take one baby step from the results I find in my Google search. For example, if the search revealed that junk food is making me tired, I can eliminate the junk food from my house. If drinking more water will help me, I can start to carry a water bottle with me wherever I go.

    Like I said, this does not have to be difficult or overwhelming. Start with one life category, answer the questions above and commit to taking baby steps until you are ready to take bigger ones.

    If you are thinking that this sounds easy, you are right, it is easy. Don’t underestimate the power of a practical tool. Sometimes that is all you need to help you get started.

    If you found the questions helpful, you will love the worksheet I created for you.

    Click Here to Download Your Next Steps Worksheet