• fighting at christmasMany of us have experienced an occasional episode of fighting at Christmas.  On a daily basis we have opportunities to become offended, displeased, angry, and disappointed. Anytime we are dealing with other people we have a high probability of this happening and the holidays are no exception. Whether someone cuts you off in traffic, your husband shrinks your new dress in the dryer or Uncle Jimmy backs into your new car Christmas Eve, there is a chance you can lose your peace. This pertains to anytime we are with people; shopping, family functions, Christmas parties, etc.


    Here are my 3 simple steps you can easily recall and apply if/when you feel your blood pressure start to rise as a result of a friend or family member this week:

    1. Decide what you want.

    Before leaving your house or getting out of bed think about what you want regarding the day ahead. Do you want to deal with rude people shopping or do you want to enjoy Christmas shopping for the ones you love? Do you want to fight with your in laws or do you want to have fun at your family gatherings?  

    1. Do your part in advance:

    Prepare beforehand. Know what “sets you off” or what irritates you and do what you can. For example this may mean getting enough sleep or not being in a hurry. Being tired and rushing rarely benefit any of us.  

    1. Do what you can.

    Know what you can control and do what you can to keep your peace and enjoy everything. How? You can start by not giving in to the things or people that try to steal your peace and joy. Consider also not analyzing or focusing on a negative a situation. And perhaps the best thing you can do is “bite your tongue”, change the subject, or politely walk away. Instead, put your energy into something positive like playing a game with your favorite uncle, or listen to your Grandma share her favorite childhood memories. 

    Most importantly, keep in mind that you can only control yourself, nobody else and trying to do so only causes frustration and is a waste of your energy. Control what you can, being yourself, and let go of what you cannot. 

    Your peace and joy belong to you! Don’t give it away! Focus on what is important. 

    Peace equals power. When we lose our peace or “our cool” that is when we lose our power or give our power away. When we can remain at peace we are able to stay in control of our emotions and our actions and can enjoy our day. 

    Make a decision this Christmas. Choose peace, love, and joy and create wonderful memories. Let me know how this worked for you!