• 5 Steps to Empowerment In my article 10 Signs You Are Not Living Empowered I write about what many women, and perhaps men, often experience in their daily lives. Here is a recap:

    1. Question your purpose in life
    2. Dread going to work
    3. Experience doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, frustration, or guilt
    4. Compare yourself to others
    5. Do not feel worthy or important and lack confidence
    6. Feel overwhelmed and out of balance
    7. Compromise to make others happy
    8. Find it difficult to get along with others
    9. Feel discontent and discouraged
    10. Do not feel desire or motivation

    Today’s article is short, sweet, and to the point. It offers encouragement in how you can live empowered with 5 steps. Let’s face it; you, like I, want to live a happy, successful life. But no matter what you want to accomplish, no matter how big or small, there are basic principles you need to understand and follow to experience that life.

    1. Be clear on what you want and where you are going.
    2. Let go of and release the things that hold you back.
    3. Embrace, love and accept who you are.
    4. Understand how to deal with distractions and challenges.
    5. Stay motivated as you move toward your desires.

    As you may know, helping women love themselves and their lives is a great passion of mine. So after years of hearing my clients share their pains, struggles, and opinion of themselves, I knew I needed to create a system they could follow to help them. From years of coaching, teaching, researching, and reflecting on my own life, I created a 5 step process to help women create an empowered life. Below are the principles that make up what I call The D.R.E.A.M. Process.

    D…Discover your Desires. Having clarity of what we desire, you would think should be easy. However, in the “busy”ness of day-to-day life where women are over scheduled, over committed, over tired, continually accommodating others; many times having to compromise themselves, we can forget. Investing the time and discovering our passions and purpose is a foundational step to living empowered.

    R…Release the Blockages.  Many of us are unaware  what we are thinking and how powerful our thoughts really are. Negative thoughts keep us from moving forward because they can turn into emotions like fear, worry, and doubt. Over time these emotions can leave us feeling paralyzed; unable to move forward in our lives. The good news is you can change and control your thoughts and finally release these blockages.

    E…Express your Uniqueness. We are all beautiful and unique with gifts and talents. Sadly many women have allowed themselves to be deceived into thinking they are not good enough or worthy. Sometimes what we believe about ourselves is simply not true. You can discover the truth so you can confidently and freely express your uniqueness.

    A…Apply Practical Principles. Feeling happy and having a positive attitude affects every area of our lives. Unfortunately we can be bombarded with people and circumstances that can make this a challenge. With the right tools you can overcome these challenges and experience peace, passion, purpose, and power.  (Another resource to help you with this step is my book, The 12 Principles. If you want to learn more, you can download a free copy.)

    M…Monitor to Motivate. Many times on our way to accomplishing our dreams and desires, we become distracted, discouraged and lose motivation. But when you learn how and where to focus, you can stay motivated and experience your dreams and desires with more ease and enjoyment. If you are still reading this, I believe there is a possibility you are experiencing one or many of the 10 Signs You Are Not Living Empowered.

    If you do not love yourself or your life, you are NOT living empowered.

    The good news is you can change your reality. If you are ready to make a change and learn how to create an empowered life, check out my workshop:

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