• 10 Signs You Are Not Living Empowered There is a lot of talk out there about “empowerment”. To help you better understand this article, let me explain first what it means to me.

    For me living empowered comes down to experiencing peace, passion, purpose, and power. It means being in control of my thoughts, actions and decisions, being authentic; living confidently, boldly, while expressing myself freely in a way that honors others, myself, and my God.

    Now keep in mind that this is only my definition of living empowered. You may have your own definition as well.

    You may still be unclear as to what living an empowered life looks like so today I want to share with you what it looks like to NOT live empowered. Below is a list of signs for you.

    You are likely NOT living empowered if you often…

    1. Question your purpose in life
    2. Dread going to work
    3. Experience doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, frustration, or guilt
    4. Compare yourself to others
    5. Do not feel worthy or important and lack confidence
    6. Feel overwhelmed and out of balance
    7. Compromise to make others happy
    8. Find it difficult to get along with others
    9. Feel discontent and discouraged
    10. Do not feel desire or motivation

    If any of these resonate with you, know you are not alone and you don’t have to stay where you are. You can move forward. The way to move forward is to first “learn how” to move forward. This is called personal growth. Now don’t roll your eyes. It does not have to be painful. It can be as simple as just becoming aware of where you are in your journey. It can also be as easy as reading a book for ten minutes a few times a week or watching a video message.

    There are numerous ways you can accomplish this and you may be surprised the opportunities that present themselves to you once you become more aware.

    Now please don’t be discouraged. We all have felt or still feel many of these. It does not mean you are doomed or a bad person. It simply means you are human, experiencing your own unique journey. It also means you have a choice whether to stay where you are or move forward to living an empowered life.

    Understand and please keep this message in perspective. Living empowered does not mean every day is sunshine and roses. But when you are living empowered and challenges arise, you know how to handle them and quickly take control of your thoughts and react in a way that brings a positive outcome.

    This is a process and may take some time. I encourage you to give yourself permission to be easy on yourself and find ways to enjoy your journey.

    Living an empowered life can be achieved by every person that believes they can and it all starts with one decision; to take the first step and learn how to experience your own peace, passion, purpose, and power.

    It is my purpose and passion to help you experienced an empowered life; to love yourself and love your life. To achieve this I believe it is critical to have the right tools and skills. I share these tools and skills in my six hour workshop The DREAM Experience Intensive, Create an Empowered Life Today.

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