• If you are wondering why I became a life coach and what kind of background I have, I would like to take you to where it all began.

    For as far back as I can remember, I have had a very deep sense of compassion toward people and animals. While in grade school I became aware of a great desire to help people feel welcome, happy, and good about themselves. Often times I was the first to welcome the new kid to school or help those with challenges to find their classes.  I always felt a need to step in and offer a word of encouragement or support after someone had been cruel or insensitive to another.

    I remember very clearly how unkind words affected others, how it hurt them and how quickly their faces went from a smile to a look of pain and sadness. This had an impact on me I cannot describe. My heart literally ached when I witnessed someone being spoken to unkindly.

    That is the first time I recall believing every person deserved to feel good about who they were, to feel loved and accepted. It was then that I started to do what I could to help people not allow another's words affect how they felt. As years passed I became someone people would confide in, someone they could trust to feel safe, welcome and accepted just the way they were.  I carry these and many principles in my life coaching practice today. And, when in 2010 I received my life coaching certification from Thrive, Wisdom of Life Coaching School, I knew a journey of greater purpose had begun.  Click here to download my full profile...

  • The 12 Principles

    After 15 years of research and endless studying, I created and simplified my life lessons into 12 principles.  I call them The 12 Principles: How To Create An Empowered Life! This is an activity book consisting of the awareness exercises I completed that brought me greater awareness and personal and spiritual growth. The exercises are very practical and everyone can benefit from them.

  • FREE Coaching With Nancy Dahlke

    I am offering you a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with me. Why? Because everyone can benefit from sharing their thoughts, concerns, and ideas with a professional. It gives us an opportunity to see things differently; more clearly, enabling us to make decisions confidently and with more peace.